SlangiBuidu is a webshop with items in Helsinki slang

This webshop was founded to offer books, post cards, music and other items in Helsinki slang. They are supposed to be interested for Helsinki citizens mainly, therefor most of the information on the site is written in slang - not even in Finnish. Nevertheless, you can also find here items that might interest foreigners - for example such as Helsinki pictures. But platform, that we are using for the webshop, is only in Finnish. We are sorry about that. If you would be interested in any items that we offer here, you can send your request to us by e-mail: info@slangibuidu or fill in the request form in English.

Here you have some key words translated into English to help you finding interesting for you items.

All the items for sale you can find under the page Blisattavat kamat (Items for sale)

they are divided by type of items:

Slangikortit - Post cards

Kniigat - Books

Stadi-maisemataulut - Pictures of Helsinki - these are unique pictures, based on photographs and then modified by computer to look as paintings. They are printed in 100 g (weight) paper, size 20x30 cm. They are sold without frames so that you can choose the frames to fit to your own interior.

Slangimusaa - Music in Helsinki slang